About Us

Fayette County Abstract Company opened its doors in 1898.  The main type of title service in those days was the preparation of an "abstract of title" which was then examined by an attorney or a landman.  John Schroeder and Fayette County Abstract Company were institutions in Fayette County real estate matters for several generations.  The old maps and abstracts still have Mr. Schroeder's handwritten notations explaining some aspect of the survey, field notes, title history or deed.

Mr. Schroeder and Fayette County Abstract Company compiled priceless maps tracking the old field notes.  They also prepared "tract books" used by the abstractors to list all conveyances by League or Survey.  These old resources are still used every day by landmen and modern day abstractors.

In 1987 Clear Title Company, Inc. acquired all of the assets, maps, tract books, and abstracts of Fayette County Abstract Company.  The old maps and tract books have been microfilmed and archived to assure their availability for the future.

Today Clear Title Company, Inc. is the only title company in Fayette County, Texas with access to these old maps, tract books and abstracts that trace title back to the "sovereignty of the soil".